Tuesday, March 15, 2022
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Why do I need Knee Support? What are the benefits of it Knee braces?

A few days back when my uncle met an accident, he got minor injuries. The prominent scar is on his knee. After a lot of sessions with the physician and physiotherapist, he was advised to wear knee support to reduce strain and pain. And after a few days of wearing a knee brace, he has […]

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Back Pain: These mistakes cause back pain, get instant relief with these methods

Back pain or lower back pain is very common among Indians. 60% or more Indians complain about back pain once in a lifetime. Also, Chronic cases require hospitalization and surgery. During and after the pandemic our work life has changed a lot.  Since the office work switch to online mode and long work hours. This […]

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7 Tips for CKD caregivers to fight burnout

Looking after a patient can actually burn out caregivers. Especially if you are taking care of a person suffering from complicated chronic illnesses like neurological disorders, chronic kidney disorders (CKD), etc. It is observed that the caregiver burns out while taking care of the patient. Like if someone is not healthy in a family, it […]

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Why should you include Turmeric supplements Sunova Curcumin-500 in Daily life?

Hectic lifestyle has taken a toll on our health both mentally and physically. Hence, it’s important to keep track of health. Whether you are working or staying at home it’s important to follow a healthy routine. There are several ways of doing it- exercise, eating a nutritious diet, sound sleep, etc. Long working hours be […]

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15 Ways to use less plastic in daily life

You must have watched the huge mountain of plastic waste at the end of your city exit. Plastic is not biodegradable. It took almost 1000 years for them to break down into small pieces. They are extremely harmful to marine life, birds, grazing animals, and the environment. Over 40% plastics of total used plastic is […]

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How Pandemic makes periods worse for woman and girls? Menstrual Hygiene

Did you know that harmful menstruation traditions leave people vulnerable to the pandemic? Unprivileged ones don’t have access to menstrual hygiene products. Not everyone is lucky to buy and store bundles of sanitary pads and other menstrual hygiene essentials in this pandemic. Lack of resources, closures of the market, and public transport create barriers to […]

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Does COVID Vaccine affect your Period/ Menstrual Cycle?

1)Does COVID Vaccine affect your Period? Or After getting infected does your period become irregular? According to the reports that have come, women who have also got COVID have complained about some issues related to their menstruation. Irregular cycles after recovery, delayed periods, missed periods, painful periods, irregular periods such as heavy flow or spotting, […]

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