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8 Reasons To Meet A Physician

Every day, as we go on with our usual schedules, we undoubtedly notice things and changes in our bodies that may appear to be out of the ordinary. Sometimes it might be a slight ache in some part of the body or a rash or something else. While it is true that these things are not always a result of an underlying disease or condition, the thought that there are chances they might be is always lurking at the back of our minds. And so, most of us often find ourselves wondering- ‘When do I see a physician?’ ‘Do I even need to see a physician for this?’ or ‘If yes, then what type of physician?’. To find answers to these questions, here’s a list of 10 different types of doctor, what they specialize in and which one you should meet depending on what’s troubling you:

1) Family physician

Family physicians are the types of physicians that deal with adults and children and specialize in primary care or minor, non-critical ailments like fevers, colds and such. So, if you have been suffering from a persistent common cold or fever, you should see a family physician, and they will treat or recommend another specialist if need be. 

2) Infectious disease physician

Having studied the subject of infectiology, infectious disease physicians are adept at treating and preventing highly contagious ailments- like influenza and other viruses, the most relevant example right now being COVID-19. So if you feel like you might have contracted a virus, these types of physicians are the ones you should go to. 

3) Dermatologist

Physicians who specialize in dermatology- skin conditions, hair, and nails are called dermatologists. If you have been experiencing acne, fungal infections, severe hair fall, or any other hair or skin problems, it would be wise to get it checked by these types of physicians. 

4) Internal medicine physician

In case of medical emergencies, you should see these types of physicians as they are trained to deal with the patients in the emergency wards in a swift manner. In addition, treating, stabilizing, and recommending other specialists or surgery depending on the patient’s condition falls under their realm.

5) Cardiologists

Treating the ailments and irregularities in the functioning of the human heart and its artilleries and veins is what cardiologists specialize in. So, if it’s hypertension, high cholesterol, or frequent and recurrent chest aches that have been bothering you, getting it checked by a cardiologist is the way to go. 

6) Pulmonologists

The type of physicians who specialize in pulmonology, i.e. treats the diseases of the lungs, including asthma, lung cancer, bronchitis, and more. If you suffer from any of these or have difficulty breathing, you should see a pulmonologist. 

7) Psychiatrists

With everything going on around us, anxiety, depression, and paranoia is something most of us have had to deal with. Psychiatrists are physicians who treat behavioral or emotional disorders through various methods

8) Pediatricians

Physicians who specialize in the treatment of children, including infants, toddlers, and teenagers, are called pediatricians. So if your child has been showing symptoms of any disease or ailment, it’s best to go straight to a pediatrician.

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