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Nature inspired House Cleaning Products from PUER
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Nature inspired House Cleaning Products from PUER

The one thing that we all have been doing from last few years is cleaning, and disinfecting almost everything in our home. From cleaning floors to kitchen utensils, we have embraced household chores as a ritual now. But do you ever take a pause and think about the fact how much chemicals are we getting exposed to in our day to day lives in the process of doing our everyday cleaning?

The only solution to this is to switch to naturally inspired products that don’t contain harmful chemicals, like Brand Nourish PUER Home Care products. These natural ingredients based cleaning products are completely safe to use. 

PUER Dishwashing Gel:

Nature inspired House Cleaning Products from PUER

The ordinary dishwashing soap contains chemicals that cause skin problems like eczema, rashes, irritation. PUER Dishwashing Gel is made from natural ingredients that are safe for skin.

The one thing that concerns me a lot, are, food stains in utensils. Especially the dried food stains that were left unattended for a long time due to my laziness. The stains of curries, boiled milk, burnt sauce and rice pan, etc are often tough to remove. ECOCERT and COSMOS ingredients present in PUER Dishwashing Gel are supremely effective in easily removing burnt and stubborn food stains with a single swipe. The utensils are absolutely clean with no food stains & shines like new after being washed with PUER Dishwashing Gel.

You must have noticed a white residual patch after washing dishes with an ordinary cleaner. That residual patch is due to the presence of harmful chemicals. After washing with PUER Dishwashing Gel I‘ve not found a single patch on dishes. PUER Dishwashing Gel doesn’t have harmful chemicals. That makes it absolutely safe to use for you and your loved ones.

Finally, we have a natural dishwashing gel that removes stubborn dried stains without leaving any residue.

PUER Floor Cleaner:

Nature inspired House Cleaning Products from PUER

Tell me the worst thing about floor cleaning. Mine are those stains, caused by food-spill, or shoe marks that don’t go away after many washings.

Made from natural ingredients, PUER Floor Cleaner has robust stain removal properties, which removes stain patches effectively and delivers a squeaky clean floor.

Alongside, it also disinfects the floor. It leaves behind a clean, germ-free floor on which I can walk bare feet without any worry.

PUER Floor Cleaner kills 99.99% germs from every corner of a house. I have used it to clean marble and tile floors.  It is safe to use on wooden floors too. The natural ingredients present remove stains effortlessly and leave sparkly clean floors.

The thing that haunts me after cleaning from an ordinary floor cleaner is the stinky smell. After mopping with PUER Floor Cleaner, it leaves behind such a pleasant garden-like fragrance that I don’t need a room freshener anymore.

The Malodour control technology in the product ensure that it effectively removes any bad, stale or musty odour. There are no harmful chemicals present which makes it absolutely safe to use.

PUER Floor Cleaner dries up quickly too.

Shiny floors and pleasant smell make PUER Floor Cleaner an absolute choice for cleaning floors.

I’ve been using nature inspired PUER household products for quite a while. And I’m loving it. Have you tried them yet?

They are available on PUER website and on amazon and Flipkart too. You can also get a bottle of PUER Home Care products at any Spencer’s store near you. Try it and don’t forget to share how much you loved it.

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