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all about the woman

“Health is wealth” we all have been hearing this since long. Do you ever stop and analyze the message it conveys to you? 

The woman carries a lot of responsibilities on her shoulder. From playing the role of obedient daughter to loving wife and selfless mother she completes everyone life. It’s very disappointing that in this long run, juggling with her responsibilities, she forgot the role of self-love. This is because she never put herself in top priorities. I can bet each and every woman out there keep herself at the end of this list.

To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear. – Budhha

On this ignorance, the major issue comes when she ignores her health. Health is never the utmost importance to her. Being a Doctor I come across a woman from all spheres on day to day basis. Whether they area housewife or working the scenario is the same. The ignorance of their health can even lead to life-threatening results many times. This thing so captivates me that I could not think beyond that.

When I started my blog All About The Woman, The core idea is to create awareness about woman health and to share my experience with my readers. To add this further, I’ve written my first Ebook about

A to Z of Pregnancy.

The Blog All About The Woman aims to create awareness about Female related issues and it’s an ultimate one-stop solution for all your women related content! I try to offer a modern and mindful approach towards

Healthy Lifestyle like

Health & Fitness,

Foods & Nutrition,

Parenting & Kids,


fashion, etc.

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