Tuesday, March 15, 2022
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Popular Places To Visit In Ranchi #MyFriendAlexa

Located in the heart of nature, my Ranchi visit is worth remembering. The fear of traveling on a 2000 km long route evaporated when I decided to travel via flight from Bangalore to Ranchi. Nevertheless, the beauty of hills, forests, and waterfalls welcomed me with an open heart. Popular Places To Visit In Ranchi The […]

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What happened at Wagah border Beating Retreat Ceremony #TheBlindList #sayyestotheworld

I grow up watching Narnia and harry potter movies. These movies open up a new world of imagination. Got to explore variants in terms of language, culture, food and of course relationships. The thing that fascinates me the most is that there is so much beauty in the world and one lifetime is not enough […]

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5 Tips For Customizing Your Own City Bike

City bicycles are everyday rides designed for frequent averagely paced short rides through the busy urban areas. They have very little going for them in terms of design as they are utility bicycles that focus more on comfort and practicality rather than speed or efficiency. However, customizing your city bike can spark new things in […]

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5 Things You Did not know Your Paytm App can do

The world is undergoing digitization and so we are. Busy lifestyle has automatically pushed us to look out for faster and easy ways of work. From the office to home, from shopping to paying bills we are looking for easy, safe and time-saving solutions. Being and the full-time working lady I also prefer digitization. I […]

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Say Yes To Exploration with 6 India Travel Tips for Beginners #SayYesToTheWorld

India is a versatile country with a mix of culture and traditions. And you will get to explore different food, language, clothing style etc whenever you visit a new place in India. The experience is no doubt nostalgic for me, and definitely for you too. I always wonder while traveling that how much peace and […]

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