Tuesday, March 15, 2022
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YUWA branded Android LED TV by NITCO Technology Strengthening “Make in India” initiative

The Make in India initiative by Modi Government has boosted India’s economy. Many companies who started their journey under this umbrella have contributed to strengthening the economy by manufacturing products from scratch. As well as employ the masses. Tech companies are doing innovations under the “Make in India” initiative and empowering the tech sector. NITCO […]

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The #MatKarForward movement by TikTok is a great starting point

Nowadays, fake news spreads faster than COVID-19 and causes devastating results affecting the mental and physical state of a person. I’ve come across so many people who are educated and yet they forward misleading messages, videos, and photos without knowing the credibility of the news. For example, I recently received a message on my phone […]

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How Can A PC Help Your Child Learn Dell Anti Rote Day

“Why have you not attempted this question in the exams?” I firmly asked my little brother who’s in the 4th standard. “Sis I learned it by hard, but wasn’t able to recall it.”, he replied. I still remember, when I didn’t get full marks for writing line by line, the same definitions or answers in […]

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Interesting Facts & Myths About Digital Lotto In India

According to reports, India will have 627 million active internet users in 2019. Businesses across all industries have extended to the digital platform to communicate with this growing audience. The lottery industry has also joined the league by introducing digital lottos. Interesting Facts & Myths About Digital Lotto In India However, the average Indian looks […]

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Bharat BillPay-Empowering Growth of a Physical Retail Network

India has entered a new phase in terms of digitization with the Digital India initiative. This has aligned people from all spheres of India in one thread. And ecosystem of bill payment services like Bharat BillPay empowers over millions of consumers for secure and easy bill payment. Imagine a village has to travel 80 km far to […]

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How Smart Home Solutions Makes Your Life Better? #GetFitWithFlipkart #SmartHomeRevolution

In the early 20s, smart home solutions supported by filthy affluent homeowners. However, home automation has come a long way. The idea of intelligent home solutions may sound expensive, the truth is, investing in the right solutions ease our day to day living and saves money. The smart home solutions are now available everywhere and will turn your […]

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How Dell Aarambh–A PC for Education Initiative Is Boosting Digital Literacy in India #DellPCLiteracyDays #PCseShuruaat

Being a girl child I’m very lucky that my family has supported me throughout my career. I’ve got higher education as well as digital exposure that keeps me updated in the hi-tech world. The first time I got exposure to a computer in the 6th standard where I get to learn basic computer skills. Life […]

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