Tuesday, March 15, 2022
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Benefits of Dark Chocolate in Diabetes

Whether you are diabetic or pre-diabetic eating right is essential. The first thing that is cut off is sugar-based products. Then we all started searching for food items to satisfy our sweet tooth. One thing that a diabetic wants is chocolate. Only one question that comes to mind is, “Can I eat chocolate with diabetes”? […]

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Easy And Delicious Matar Paneer Pulao Recipe #MyFriendAlexa

Today I’m sharing the easy and delicious Matar Paneer Pulao recipe. Matar paneer pulao is made using two main ingredients. Matar aka green peas. Paneer aka cottage cheese. These two have high nutritional value. They are a very good source of protein. Green peas are grossly available during winters. Hence Matar Paneer Pulao or matar […]

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Find the perfect nutritional baby foods that you and your child will love

For Proper growth and development, good balanced nutritional foods are important for babies. As the child grows, their skills to identify different tastes and textures evolve.  And as per expert instilling habits of healthy eating in the early years play an important role in building their interest in food. Their tiny tummies become full in […]

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7 Detox Drinks For Quick Weight Loss #BlogchatterA2Z

The weight loss journey starts with a fad diet and exercises. Along with essential nutrients, unprocessed food, water plays an important role in any weight loss regime. But drinking loads of water doesn’t attract you all the time. To cope up with this, detox drinks becomes a popular trend followed by people to shed those […]

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