Tuesday, March 15, 2022
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Churails: First Zindagi Original Series By ZEE5 Paving the way for women-centric content

Women are always judged for taking a stand for themselves in Indian culture. No matter how progressive, supportive society is. Whether you are working out or living as a housewife. Speaking for your rights is always judged by society and in some cases by family circles. As we dig deeper, these criticism pave ways for […]

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Inspiring Stories Of Successful Women Entrepreneurs in India 2020

Women are creating success stories at the entrepreneurial level. They are bold enough to take risks and don’t hesitate to learn from their mistakes. They are not only successful in their ventures but also creating social impact. “There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish.”Michelle Obama Michelle Obama Inspiring Stories Of Successful Women […]

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Fbb’s Women’s Day Campaign #BuraNaKhelo safe Holi for women

I want to celebrate each day being a woman. And what women want is equality and lives freely. New-age women are creating success stories across all phases of life. Be it personal or professional level they are defying all steep odds and emerging as a leader. But there’s always a question mark on woman safety. Be it […]

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“Thappad” Just a Slap. Which is more important Self-respect or Love?

No matter how much we pretend to come from a developing country, the true status of society will give you chills. Especially when the question status of women comes. Women are not given equal freedom when it comes to making individual decisions. The mentality that women are not worthy enough to get trusted.  They are being judged […]

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Shaheen Bagh Protest Reflects the Irony Of Woman

﷽ In India, women are mostly grounded and never taken into account. They are 24*7 working to make the life of their loved one comfortable. Yet their identity remains unrecognized and categorized as weak, not having an opinion and not taking a stand for themselves. The 1-month-old protest going on Shaheen Bagh, New Delhi has […]

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Azad Foundation Empowering Women To Drive For Dignity

Women empowerment becomes the need of the country when low-paid, devalued work and inhuman working conditions reflect true facets of woman labors. The burden to feed the family, especially woman from unprivileged background migrates along with family for labor jobs like construction, agriculture, caretaker, etc. The true facets of woman labors in India Construction involves […]

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Women Day- How Empowered Are Our Women

The woman is impeccable in every role they play. The selflessness of Mother Teresa, Determination of Rani of Jhansi, Charity of Lady Diana, Discovery of Marie Curie, Beauty of Marlin Monroe always makes us proud. The challenges that women have faced throughout history is unforgettable. The ways in which women struggle and steps have been […]

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