Tuesday, March 15, 2022
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Suicide: Why are Indian women killing themselves?

Suicide news makes big or small newspaper headlines almost every day. Especially women who killed themselves out of various underlined reasons. In India, 10 women kill themselves every hour. Suicide is the leading cause of death among women in india. As per the Lancet report, 2 out of 5 women who attempt to suicide are […]

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Edible Plants You Can Easily Grow at Home #CauseAChatter

Growing edible plants at home is not a nightmare anymore. Some of the edible plant can be easily grown at home without much efforts. Few things you will require is right soil for growing plants, plants seeds or saplings, and pot as per your space. After planting it requires regular monitoring and you are good […]

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Churails Review: Zee5 Vigilant web series hard-hitting At Patriarchy

Churails web series has been receiving worldwide acclaim. It is directed by Asim Abbasi. The show is a total of ten episodes. You will witness how women take upon themselves to fight for themselves. This is one of that women-centric web series that’s reality-based, rebellious, and shook you from within.  Churails Review: Zee5 Vigilant web […]

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Will #BlackLivesMatter Impact India’s obsession with fair skin

Fair is the only lovely and beautiful. The rampant about black live matters refuel up the fairness skin debate in India.  Women are always judged for their dark skin color. From being a Social taboo, white is the only beauty standards, the obsession of fairness products, matrimonial who categorized profiles on the basis of colors […]

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Churails: First Zindagi Original Series By ZEE5 Paving the way for women-centric content

Women are always judged for taking a stand for themselves in Indian culture. No matter how progressive, supportive society is. Whether you are working out or living as a housewife. Speaking for your rights is always judged by society and in some cases by family circles. As we dig deeper, these criticism pave ways for […]

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The #MatKarForward movement by TikTok is a great starting point

Nowadays, fake news spreads faster than COVID-19 and causes devastating results affecting the mental and physical state of a person. I’ve come across so many people who are educated and yet they forward misleading messages, videos, and photos without knowing the credibility of the news. For example, I recently received a message on my phone […]

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World No Tobacco Day Things You Need To Know About Smoking

Today is World No Tobacco Day. Whatever reason has pushed you towards smoking, Today is the day to quit smoking. Choose health, choose life, and be smoke-free. Smoking kills more than 80 lakhs people every year across the globe. According to the WHO Smoking damages your airways and alveoli found in your lungs further causing […]

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