Tuesday, March 15, 2022
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Zoctr App – India’s first Home Health App Changing Healthcare

While dusting at home you suddenly get a sprain in your back. You just ignored it assuming that it will subside with time. But it doesn’t, You applied the pain relief ointment, have Haldi wala milk but no relief. Maybe you can’t get out of home due to a family emergency or bad weather. And […]

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Health Pregnancy Guide

How Essential Oils Help to Increase the Chances of Normal Delivery

During pregnancy, the use of certain medications is contraindicated; the same happens with essential oils, especially in the first months. Although it is natural and very effective against some discomfort, aromatherapy can be dangerous in certain periods of life, especially during pregnancy. Read the tips about How Essential Oils Help to Increase the Chances of […]

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Pick Out Gold Chains Online For Daily Wear Jewellery!

It’s always very important to get a few pieces of jewellery in your collection that you can consider everyday jewellery – jewellery for daily use that matches almost anything in your closet. There is many styles of gold and silver chain for a girl to choose from, each with its own unique significance. When you […]

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Say yes to Toilet Hygiene with Pee Safe Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray

Every time I step outside my house I always make sure to not go to pee anywhere outside. This is because I am paranoid about unhygienic public toilets and don’t want to take risk of catching infections. I’m always in the search of products that disinfect the toilet seat within seconds. To maintain the Toliet Hygiene with […]

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My Experience with the Tupperware My Lunch

We Indians are very foodie kinda people. From Kashmir to Kerala, from Mumbai to Kolkata we are connected with the thread of delicious and variant food cultures. Unlike others, we love to carry food to our workplace, be it school, college, office or travel. Our mothers, wife, sister never miss a chance to handover the […]

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