Tuesday, March 15, 2022
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Here’s why should you stop comparing your child with others? #BeBetterThanYourself

There is a mad rat race going on in India – almost every child in India is asked to compete with classmates, friends, cousins, so far as marks and scores and grades are concerned. Kids just slog to be in the toppers list. And, if by any chance (God forbid)the scores are not ‘acceptable’, they […]

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Angtatva – Your destination for handmade natural skin care products #SuperSocialAwards #BeautyWithAngtatva

“Being Beautiful is Being You”, I absolutely believe in this, Do You? Every month loads of products launched in the market, with a motto to solve our beauty woes. The customized natural skin care product is one such range that is exclusively curated as per customer needs which vary from person to person. They are here […]

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How to strengthens Husband Wife Relationship in Islam?

Husband wife relationship is the only bound that exists till last breath. One has to leave their mother, father, brother, sister, and children. The one that goes until the end is Husband wife relationship. To make this journey fruitful one has to become mature and give space to each other existence. How to strengthens Husband Wife […]

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