Tuesday, March 15, 2022
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Five benefits of going to the gym regularly!

In recent years, everyone’s lifestyle has shifted to a sedentary mode. Whether it’s kids, young or old, the pandemic has confined them to the house. This results in reduced physical activity that plays an important role in maintaining the overall health of an individual.  To begin with, a workout has several benefits that help to […]

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Why do I need Knee Support? What are the benefits of it Knee braces?

A few days back when my uncle met an accident, he got minor injuries. The prominent scar is on his knee. After a lot of sessions with the physician and physiotherapist, he was advised to wear knee support to reduce strain and pain. And after a few days of wearing a knee brace, he has […]

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Back Pain: These mistakes cause back pain, get instant relief with these methods

Back pain or lower back pain is very common among Indians. 60% or more Indians complain about back pain once in a lifetime. Also, Chronic cases require hospitalization and surgery. During and after the pandemic our work life has changed a lot.  Since the office work switch to online mode and long work hours. This […]

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Your muscles may be ageing faster than you. Have you check muscle age? #EnsureStrongerInsideOut

There is no doubt we all are more concerned about our health. You must be eating we balance diet, regular exercise, and everything and anything that keeps you healthy. But have you ever checked your muscle age? Do you know that our muscles are ageing faster as we grow? Hence, a regular muscle age test […]

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Know the Different Types of Gym Wear and Tips for Choosing Best One

Women’s gym wear has undergone a massive transformation and revolution over the years. From hoodies and crop tops to joggers and capris, the whole dynamics of gym wear for women has changed a lot. Especially after the pandemic lockdown, gym wear has turned into loungewear essential. From working out at home to stepping out for […]

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10 Things Every Woman Should Have In Her Workout Bag #BlogchatterA2Z

Being a fitness freak you love to visit the gym on regular basis. And while squeezing yourself in a workout you might need fitness essentials during that period. Be it any kind of fitness activity like yoga, kickboxing, weight lifting, or cycling every fitness-obsessed woman needs a well-curated workout bag. And for a change trying […]

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